The Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) is a global network of innovators, educators and partners who share common principles. Collectively, we are tackling the stubborn problems of disconnected curriculum, disconnected schools and disconnected conversations. We are creating smart, sustainable solutions that systematize learning and schools through connected conversations.

Connected Learning

A complete Learning Ecosystem that defines, designs, delivers and demonstrates learning in connected, coherent ways.

Connected Conversations

A continuous conversation among our members about all aspects of learning, leading, teaching and schooling.

Connected Schools

The Total School Blueprint, a complete toolkit that applies a common set of principles to every element in a school, and then produces all the tools and advice you need to move from silos to systems.

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Learning: What's the Story?

We define, design, deliver and demonstrate learning in the context of conceptual understanding, competency learning and character development.


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29-31 October 2017
Manchester, UK 

Learning Through Guided 

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1-2 November 2017
Manchester, UK 

Collaborative Learning
Module Writing

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Posted 02/02/2017 13:29
OK, it's obvious. Schools are full of living people, so they are living organisms. Sure, superficially, but most of the time we don't treat them that way. In any true living system, all elements have a key and critical role, a function that keeps the organism alive and evolving. Read the blog post.
Posted 02/02/2017 13:28
Ask any parent, teacher, student, they'll all confirm one simple truth: all children are different. Despite that simple, undisputed truth we treat children as if they were all the same. That's our baseline assumption, upon which all subsequent decisions are made and on which all systems are built. Time to change that.
Posted 27/05/2016 09:25
Growing up a working class youngster in the agricultural East of England, the height of my annual ambition was to secure a Summer job at one of the local frozen food factories. There I would spend 12 hours a day working on the 'pea lines'. Riveting work, as you can imagine, but a great way to earn enough pocket money for the coming academic year. - Read the Blog by Kevin Bartlett.

CGC School Members

In September 2016 the CGC opened School Membership to the public. Our founding member schools include:




Bangalore International School





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