The Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) is a global network of innovators, educators and partners who share common principles. Collectively, we are tackling the stubborn problems of disconnected curriculum, disconnected schools and disconnected conversations. We are creating smart, sustainable solutions that systematize learning and schools through connected conversations.


Connected Learning

A complete Learning Ecosystem that defines, designs, delivers and demonstrates learning in connected, coherent ways.


Connected Conversations

A continuous conversation among our members about all aspects of learning, leading, teaching and schooling.


Connected Schools

The Total School Blueprint, a complete toolkit that applies a common set of principles to every element in a school, and then produces all the tools and advice you need to move from silos to systems.

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Learning: What's the Story?

We define, design, deliver and demonstrate learning in the context of conceptual understanding, competency learning and character development. 

All over the world schools are working to invent the same wheel - a coherent, connected, continuous curriculum. Now for the first time a collected common sense response: the CGC is bringing simplicity and systems to the learning business. Find out more about this global network of educators and innovators who together have designed a complete Learning Ecosystem to help schools get learning organised. 

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This Summer the CGC is holding our first-ever Leadership Summit for CGC Member Schools. We are inviting learning leaders together to discuss progress, and to learn from and with each other.

This will be a very significant event in the evolving story of CGC. The CGC Leadership Summit is a chance to find out what we can achieve when we gather together as leaders. Together we will share our successes and our struggles, so we can learn from each other. Together we will tackle some of our most obdurate shared dilemmas and co-create some intriguing options for solutions. Together, as our Summit logo suggests, we'll discuss the next steps for CGC.

This is a CGC members only event.

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Posted 15/02/2018 19:38
I've noticed an interesting phenomenon in my work with schools. Most schools will state their aspirations to make ambitious improvements to learning within their organizations in order to address the real and urgent needs of our students. Whether it's "global citizenship", "21st century learners" or "students who can thrive in an ever-changing future", Mission and Vision statements are full of such noble aspirations. But, why do we see such little "real" change in schools? Lots of good intentions and lots and lots of hard work, but little progress towards transformation.
Posted 28/08/2017 11:29
Instead of spending our time, energy and intelligence on the slow, steady construction of a school learning culture shared by students, parents, leaders, governors, teachers, we feel compelled to act on the next project...developing a new this, tweaking an old that...and then we wonder why our work never has the learning impact we hoped.
Posted 02/02/2017 13:29
OK, it's obvious. Schools are full of living people, so they are living organisms. Sure, superficially, but most of the time we don't treat them that way. In any true living system, all elements have a key and critical role, a function that keeps the organism alive and evolving. Read the blog post.

In September 2016 the CGC opened School Membership to the public.
Our 20 Founding Member Schools include:

Bangalore International School






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