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Committing to Collaboration - Our Financial Principles
Posted 09/08/2016 15:47

The CGC has been evolving steadily over the last couple of years, in partnership with our "early adopters". In the spirit of collaboration, we have been learning together. We are now ready to offer membership to schools.

This will mean the payment of subscription fees, the income from which will be used to pay our writers and ensure our sustainability. As with everything we do, our approach to finances is guided by a set of Financial Principles, which in turn, provide our Fee Structure. Our Principles and Fees are outlined below, and available on the CGC Website Membership Page

Official membership will begin on 1 September 2016, and becoming a CGC member is simple. Just fill in the online membership form and we will send you more information about becoming a CGC Member School right away.

The CGC Financial Principles

The Affordability Principle

There are students, teachers, schools we are supporting through our Serving Learning System. They are located in regions of self-identified need and low economic resources. They deserve access to the best learning, but they don’t have the means to pay for that access.

Serving Learning
We provide these schools with free access to the CGC learning base.


The Commitment Principle

There is no point in joining the Collaborative unless you are serious about improving learning in your school. That takes time and commitment from you and us. If you’re not in the partnership for long enough for it to be fully effective for you, we would suggest not joining at this time.

Our 3-year Contract
We ask you to make a three-year commitment when joining, though we only ask you to pay on an annual basis. Any school signing up now will receive a first-year subscription extending to 31 August 2017, a bonus free period for being an Early Adopter and a thanks to our initial supporters. Any school signing up during this period will also be guaranteed no rise in membership fees for the three year term of their initial contract.


The Transparency Principle

Everything we do is transparent. All our fees are published on our website. That saves time and energy otherwise misspent clarifying “consultancy” fees every time we form a new partnership.

Start–up Session
When schools join the Collaborative we’ve found it most useful to spend 3 days on-site, as follows:

  • Days 1 & 2:  Exploring our Common Ground - Introductory workshop for all teachers & leaders.
  • Day 3: Planning our Future - Planning session with as many leaders as possible, using The CGC Learning Ecosystem.

Complete Package
All three days:

  • One trainer: €3,000, plus expenses
  • If additional trainer is required: €5,000 in total, plus expenses

Find out more about the onsite training fees. 


The Scalability Principle

Not too little, not too much, just right – our membership fees are scaled according to school size. That’s not an infallible system for the purposes of fairness, but we like to keep things simple.

Our Annual Membership Fees

Range from school under 100 students to over 1,200. See the website to see where your school fits in.


Additional Payment Information

In order to make your decision more straightforward, here is some additional information:

Guaranteed fixed rates
Our fees are guaranteed to be held flat for the three-year period, covering 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19.

A mutual three-year commitment
While the commitment is for three years, fees are payable annually by 31 August of the given year.

Early payment discount
Any school wishing to pay the three years ‘up-front’ will be granted a fee reduction of 5% on the 3-year total.

What do I get for my money?

CGC Membership will entitle you to all CGC products as they come online, as well as member's rates for both on and off-site CGC events, including training. As we now open membership with our early adopter schools, we look forward to working closely with you to identify the benefits beyond our standard (curricular) product, to those which are emerging as the high (added value) benefits of join in the conversation.


If you have any questions about CGC Membership please contact us at




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